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Dazed & Confused Part 2

In Part 1 of this truly remarkable article, Dave posed the question, ‘Does diffusing a light make the light quality softer?’, and then went on to answer that no it doesn’t. To understand this further and to see how this…

Beer Shoot – Digital Light Painting

A little step into the past with this one — Dave and his brother/partner at the time, Mark Montizambert, are recorded back in 1999 as they integrate the legendary 3 imaging sensor Foveon camera into their work. This is a…

Dazed & Confused Part 1

In this spell-binding article, international lighting educator Dave Montizambert delves into light quality (soft light specifically) and the rhetoric surrounding it to ease some of the confusion. He also looks at Shadow Edge Transfer and how it is confused with…

Lighting Chrome (Calculator)

This video tutorial revolves a little tabletop still-life of a desk work area. From this session you will see how to light a highly reflective chromium object and how to use digital-light-painting to speed up and simplify the process.

Lighting Glass Bottle (Champagne)

This video tutorial revolves around a liquor ad for champagne. You will learn how to create magical moody lighting on bottled liquids using digital-light-painting as well as how to digitally light paint labels and create backlit bottle glows.

Slow Tech Sync

To reinforce his DaveOnDemand video on the same subject of mixed strobe/flash lighting and overcast sky ambient light, Dave wrote this informative article on mixing: shallow DoF, fast shutter-speeds, with strobe/high-speed-sync using neutral density filters and how to make the……

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Outdoor Location Lighting For Fashion Pt-01

In part 1 of this 2 part cinematic masterpiece – a video tutorial on mixing ambient light with studio strobe-lights outdoors on a dull overcast day – lighting wizard Dave Montizambert shows you how to create intense drama with lighting…

The Power Of Two

In this fan-tabulous article, Dave and his business wife Sylvianne expound on the power of two people with different skill sets to make a business succeed. Click here to read article