DIY Studio Lighting

DIY Studio Lighting with common household items

Learn from international lighting wizard Dave Montizambert, how to create incredible portrait and fashion lighting on models, clients, friends or family, in your living-room using nothing more than an inexpensive work-light and readily available repurposed house-hold items in place of lighting modifiers, stands and rigging.

This video’s six lighting setups are designed to expose you to the creative possibilities of lighting and to inspire you into painlessly learning the necessary lighting principles that can be applied to all lighting situations. During the six shoots, you will have an over-the-shoulder view, from many angles, of the homemade lighting setups as they unfold – you will see exactly where each piece of rigging is placed and why, plus you will see it all again in detail using Dave’s patented intricate lighting diagrams and image capture progressions. All this plus a bonus lesson on main-light placement for best facial lighting.

This fast loading program contains 2.7 hours of live action video.
The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback including Full Screen. (Disk includes hi-resolution and low-resolution (for transfer to your iPad/iPhone etc).

Lessons Include:

  • Fine-arts portrait
  • Moody B&W fashion body shot
  • Environmental Group shot
  • Shooting a self portrait
  • 3/4 length senior’s style fashion portrait
  • Window-lit portrait
  • Lighting with bedsheets
  • Lighting with walls and doors
  • Lighting with ceiling bounce light
  • Lighting with floor bounce light
  • Controlling Shadow fill bounce light
  • How to create becoming facial light patterns
  • How to create studio quality backgrounds from bed covers
  • Using shoot environment for backgrounds
  • How to create a pure black background
  • How to control ambient light
  • Controlling light quality (soft & hard light)
  • Mixing ambient light with subject lighting
  • Control light contamination from
  • Unwanted light spill prevention

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