Dramatic Lighting

Learn from international lighting wizard Dave Montizambert how to create dramatic lighting using multiple lights that literally sculpt your subjects with so much depth you will almost feel as though you could reach into the photo and touch them. Watch over Dave’s shoulder as he walks you through four boudoir style shoots from start to finish.

You will see exactly where each piece of equipment is placed and why, plus you will see in Dave’s patented intricate lighting diagrams, exactly how it all comes together and the principles involved that drive the shoot. If you have only been working with flat lighting and common lighting patterns, be prepared to have the lid blown-off your idea of lighting; enter creativity and begin to command emotion and control – your clients will thank you for it!

Lessons include how to:

  • Sculpt subjects and scenes with Dave’s theatrical style of lighting.
  • Create incredible lighting using multiple lights & light modifiers.
  • Use incident & reflective light meters for accurate lighting ratios.
  • Light sets selectively rather than using a broad wash of flat lighting.
  • Control shadows with precision.
  • Use shadows to create incredible depth in your images.
  • Light-sculpt bodies to bring out their best angles.
  • Use light to maximize shape, texture, and depth.
  • Make a sky-scape background with nothing more than a blue lighting gel, some tree leaves, and a white wall.
  • Use light to draw your subject forward & make everything else recede.


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