Home-Made Lighting Original

This video is designed to expose amateurs and students to the creative possibilities of lighting. The photographic examples that are performed in this video, produce dramatic images that use simple, easy to learn lighting setups – setups that can be performed on your own at home.

The photographic examples in this video are designed to inspire and to excite you into painlessly learning the necessary lighting principles. This information is packaged within a humorous little story, a story about a photographer who wakes up one Sunday morning to find that it is raining and that he cannot spend the day outside shooting as he had planned.So he spends the day lighting people and interesting small sets which he photographs in his house using house-hold items for lighting equipment (the “McGyver” approach to photography or yet another way of recycling house-hold junk).

You will learn how to:

  • Create dramatic lighting
  • Adapt household objects into lighting equipment and rigging
  • Apply pro-metering techniques with your in camera meter
  • Only photographic equipment you require: a SLR or DSLR camera and a tripod. Please note, video uses and refers to film but the principles taught are equally applicable to digital capture.

Video length – 39 minutes