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What you get

  1. On-demand access to all past and upcoming online photography tutorials.
    Join Dave in the studio where he demonstrates technical concepts step by step using his incredibly detailed yet accessible style his students have come to love. These popular lighting for photography and digital photography video tutorials make you to feel like you’re in the room with Dave for lessons such as:

    • Studio lighting
    • Location Lighting
    • Available Light Lighting
    • Light Painting
    • Understanding Light Quality: Soft & Hard Light
    • Multiple light lighting
    • Single light lighting
    • Mixed lighting
    • High-speed & Hyper-sync lighting outdoors
    • Digital post production
  1. Technical info on lighting for photography and digital photography you can use as handy guides for your next studio session.
  1. Blog posts on everything from fundamentals of photographic lighting to facial retouching.

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The art and science of lighting for photography at your fingertips

Why do bodybuilders always look so cut and steely in photos? How can you create a sunlit outdoor portrait in your apartment? How the heck do you light glass?

Dave On Demand gives you a chance to learn everything you need to know about lighting for photography and digital post production when it’s convenient for you. No airplanes. No conference fees. No metal chairs. Just you, your screen, and one of the world’s most sought after lighting photographers and educators.