Butterfly-Lit Head-Shots Using Just One Light Part-01 (The Article)

In this lighting tutorial article, international lighting wizard Dave Montizambert is just bursting to show you how to create professional quality lighting using “butterfly lighting” for actor and model head-shots in your own front room. He is going to show you how to do it step by step with only one light using himself as the subject—a self portrait selfie no less.Well how about that! As if this isn’t enough, Dave’s going to do it with an off-camera flash—an ancient 1970s Vivitar—which like most on-camera flashes has no modelling light to allow you to see where the light falls, Dave will show you how to get around that hurtle too! Anyhow, enough babble, let’s get on with it! (Warning Alert: if you choose to use an old flash please be aware that old camera flashes may damage your modern camera or radio triggers due to the stronger triggering current they employ, check with manufacturer to be sure).

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