Lighting A Dark Shiny Automobile

In this article Dave shows you how to light a black vintage sports car——includes full lighting description as well as lighting diagram and how to inexpensively create huge light sources for lighting large shiny objects like automobiles.   Read Article—Click…

Painting With Light Traditionally and Digitally – Part 4

This video tutorial revolves a little tabletop still-life of a desk work area. From this session you will see how to light a highly reflective chromium object and how to use digital-light-painting to speed up and simplify the process.

How-to Evenly Light Groups of People

This lighting-for-photography video teaches you one of the most important controls for lighting larger groups of people and/or larger spaces. Lighting larger groups and spaces often leads to disappointing results due to light fall-off, Dave Montizambert delves into a very…

Photographers Should Model

Don Macgregor’s Image Exploration 2015 at Shawnigan Lake BC (PPA affiliate school) was a great experience for me—I was asked to give a 3 hour lighting lecture to open the next 4.5 days of workshops, I was scheduled in to…

Photoshop Impressionism

Learn how to create painterly effects, selective sharpening, and film grain with Photoshop in this article. Read Article—Click Here

High-Speed Digital-Shutter-Sync

  I had an interesting conversation with Mathew Frazer of Panasonic awhile back, while showing me the Lumix GH3 he mentioned that this 16MP camera had a very cool feature, you can shut the mechanical shutter off when shooting stills!…

Painting With Light Traditionally and Digitally – Part 3

This video tutorial revolves around a liquor ad for champagne. You will learn how to create magical moody lighting on bottled liquids using digital-light-painting as well as how to digitally light paint labels and create backlit bottle glows.

Multi-light on Location

In this article Dave delves into shooting on location with multiple lights while controlling existing ambient light. Read Article—Click Here