Frequency Separation

Now I absolutely love retouching in Photoshop, but it’s not something I want to spend the whole day on, and that is easy enough to do. Also I love making money, I like making lots of money, so if I…

Lighting for Digital – Jack Be Nimble

A while back I wanted to create a secular Christmas-like image that displayed all the warmth and magic of this seasonal celebration without stepping on the toes of any religion. Click Here For Article

Inverse Square Law

The last 12 months have been really busy for me, I put out three lighting DVDs in that time, the latest is DIY Studio Lighting – With Common Household Items which is all about creating beautiful professional quality lighting on people without the…

Apertures – Part 1

This article is part 1 of understanding exposure with apertures. Read Article—Click Here

More Apertures

This article is part 2 of understanding exposure with apertures. Read Article—Click Here

Deep Illusions & DoF Geek-out

To create dynamic images we are always trying to squeeze as much depth into them as we can. When we look at our world, our eyes and mind create a 3D illusion of that scene. In reality we don’t see in 3D at…

Dave’s Lighting Philosophy

Dave Montizambert talks about his philosophy and process of lighting and photography. From being influenced by a dramatically lit Western movie as a child to learning 3 Dimensional Contrast and the physics of lighting from Dean Collins.

Lighting for Digital – Breaking the Rules

Not only does this photographic exposé entitled ‘Stairway to Sin’ (see Image 001) of well-heeled model Renée Robyn and not so well-heeled Tyler Baker tread on some toes with its suggestive nature, it also steps on the photographic toes of traditional lighting and its…