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About this event:

Created by Dave Montizambert

Hilton Metropole, Edgeware Road, London UK

Location Lighting
In this session, international photo educator and lighting wizard Dave Montizambert reveals how he problem solves and overcomes obstacles while creating incredible images on location. While he admits that using off-camera flash has the advantage of portability and compact size, for serious location lighting, Dave claims it falls short when compared to the simplicity and power of mono-block strobes plus, more importantly, strobes have a greater selection of better designed lighting modifiers and that for the same money, one gets more power and control with mono-block strobes.

From this session you will learn:
How to overpower direct sunlight while shooting wide-open apertures.
Hypersync & High Speed Sync techniques.
How to artfully mix ambient with strobe/flash lighting.
Basic & advanced metering for location.
Sizing up the location for possible existing light sources.
How to deal with white or colour balance issues.
Choosing location backgrounds in terms of colour harmony with subject.
Mixing hard & soft light to make your subject jump out of the photograph.

This session incorporates Dave’s patented lighting breakdown and image buildup slide show to give participants an over-the-shoulder step-by-step view of how he creates his incredible lighting on location.

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