One Light Madness!!!—Photography Lighting On A Budget—Calgary Alberta

Events > 2016 > September > One Light Madness!!!—Photography Lighting On A Budget—Calgary Alberta

About this event:

Created by Dave Montizambert

Grey Eagle Resort and Casino - 3777 Grey Eagle Drive, Calgary, AB T3E 3X8
CAD $149.00

Photography Lighting Workshop with Dave Montizambert.

Learn how to create incredible portrait & fashion/glamour lighting using only one light in this in-depth session by international lighting wizard Dave Montizambert. Dave shows how he forces one light (off-camera flash or studio strobe) to do the work of three to five lights. He also simplifies & makes easy—for even the most non-technical mind—the necessary lighting theory & concepts that are required knowledge for any lighting job. No fluff here, just solid nuts & bolts lighting information that every photographer should know!
From this program participants will learn:
Create multi-light-source setups using only one light.
Lighting basics—light placement, angling, feathering.
How to use light to convey mood.
Create low-key and high-key dramatic lighting.
Simulate sunlight on cloudy days using only one light.
How to master metering & lighting ratios.

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