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About this event:

Created by Dave Montizambert

Rome, Italy more details to come

In day-1 of this in-depth 2-day workshop by international digital photo-trainer Dave Montizambert, you will learn to create beautiful imagery of people using lighting. See how to: light, meter, create & use lighting ratios, how-to direct and photograph for contemporary, classical, and corporate photographic genres with special attention on how to create “photo-products” (specifically for corporate portraiture) for other markets you are not currently pursuing. Markets like business executives, real estate agents, advertising agencies, design firms, small business owners, social media, and manufacturers. Included in this intense session, you will learn how to sell, market, and network corporate portraiture—learning to “find/approach” corporate clients; how-to direct them from the camera to bring out their best; how-to use lighting to enhance their appearance making them the best they can be. In addition to this, participants will learn how to structure pricing and how to retouch (covered in Day-2) corporate head-shots in 10minutes or less. This knowledge will help any photo business to fill the holes in the shoot schedule to dramatically increase the business’ revenue!! By clearly defining what kind of portraiture and/or what kind of products your “photo-product” encompasses, you can carve out a very profitable niche for yourself without having to reinvent the wheel each day which is in keeping with Dave’s motto, “Create once, use many, make lot$”!

In day-2 of this intense 2-day workshop by international digital photo-trainer Dave Montizambert, you will learn in-depth retouching, high-speed retouching, retouch automation, frequency separation techniques (for beautiful facial retouching done in half the time), compositing, image finessing for perfect output, and much much more.

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