Location Fashion Lighting Part 01 — Video Tutorial: Strobe & Sun HyperSync Shoot

This 27 minute lighting-for-photography video-tutorial takes you into the photographic world of Dave Montizambert as we peer “over-his-shoulder” as he carries out an assignment for fashion designer Sam Stringer of her latest creation–a fiery red dress! Dave shows you how he sizes up the location (at the seaside with cityscape background) then methodically puts the shoot together using a studio strobe with battery pack and PocketWizard strobe triggers for syncing high shutter-speeds with strobe lighting and sunlight. Dave shows you how to mix intense direct sunlight, open sky light, and strobe / flash for some really dramatic looking lighting on model Kelsey Barnwell who is sporting Sam Stringer’s red dress. Dave also covers how to setup HyperSync mode with PocketWizard strobe/flash triggers for syncing strobe/flash at high shutter-speeds well above X-sync speeds. You will also see how Dave shoots tethered and how he directs models.

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