Theatrical Lighting For Dramatic B&W Portraiture Part 02

Join international photography lighting wizard Dave Montizambert in part two of this dramatic portrait lighting video tutorial on how to do a multiple light setup. In this fascinating sequel Dave demonstrates, using an actual photography assignment of the band “Easy Street”. For this image, Dave wanted to create an impression reminiscent of the old jazz Blue Note LP covers and posters from the 1950’s and 60’s, to this end he used a 6 light setup. In addition to this, Dave wanted to capture the intimate stage presence of his subjects as though captured live but with the full control of shooting in the studio. See how he accomplishes all this as well as how he shoots tethered, how he feathers his lights to maximize even exposure over two subjects, and how he uses soft grid lighting modifiers on his soft boxes in this beyond stellar video tutorial. Such excitement, such drama!

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