Cine-Documentary Lighting On A Budget

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About this event:

Created by Dave Montizambert

Fusion Cine, 1469 Venables St. Vancouver, BC

Learn how to create incredible lighting on your subjects in this in-depth session by international lighting wizard Dave Montizambert ( Dave shows how to shape your subject and scene with available light, then how he forces one light to do the work of three to five lights, and finally how to do the same with multiple lights and mixed light. He also simplifies & makes easy—for even the most non-technical mind—the necessary lighting theory & concepts that are required knowledge for any lighting job. No fluff here, just solid nuts & bolts lighting information that every photographer should know!

From this program participants will learn:
•To create multi-light-source setups using only one light.
•To use multiple lights to enhance subjects
•How to maximize & manipulate available light situations into perfection.
•Lighting basics—light placement, angling, feathering.
•How to use light to convey mood.
•To use light to make your subject stand out from their environment.
•Exploiting off colour balances rather than correcting them.
•How to add some “balls” to your lighting when working in small light toned rooms.
•To create low-key and high-key dramatic lighting.
•How to master metering & lighting ratios.

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